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Purpose of the Covenant

This covenant is a promise and a pledge by the members of the choir to understand our responsibilities and expectations of each other. The covenant will define the function of this group and ensure its health and ability to carry out its purpose. Specifically, the covenant sets guidelines for planning activities, routine rehearsals, and logistics for liturgical functions. It also explains the various duties of certain members' role.

This covenant encourages each member to be responsible to every other member in the group, as well as to the Notre Dame community.

Purpose of the Choir

To provide the community of Notre Dame parish with the gifts of song and music, to be available to the parish for functions in which we can help celebrate and build community through songs of praise and thanksgiving to God, and through these works to reflect the character of the community we serve: a community of joy, love, worship, and hope.

As members of this choir we freely offer our individual gifts of time and talent to planning, rehearsing, and sharing our music in the liturgy and other events. In this spirit of service we will abide by the terms of this covenant.


Membership in the Notre Dame choir is open to anyone who wants to share in our music ministry. As members we recognize that "we are one body in Christ". In order to build a sense of community we will treat each other with honesty, respect, and love. We will deal openly with each other, guided by love and prayer, if any disagreements or dissension occur.

New members need to become sufficiently familiar with the music in our repertoire before being able to lead the people in song. It becomes the responsibility of the present members to help newcomers feel welcome by offering time outside of regular rehearsals for this purpose.

Membership requires commitment. Because of this we have agreed upon the following guidelines for active membership.

  • Singers are responsible for their own vocal parts and music. This includes having music organized in a personal folder and having it ready for each part of the Mass. It is important that singers arrive 45 minutes before liturgies.
  • Instrumentalists are responsible for their own music. They should arrive at church 1 hour before liturgies. They are responsible for having their instruments tuned by the time singers arrive.
  • Section Leaders are responsible for keeping their sections informed of any last minute changes. It is also their duty to make sure that their is a balance of parts at each of the liturgies.
  • All members are responsible for signing up for a Mass each week and honoring that commitment. It is important that each Mass has a balance of parts. Members should consider this balance when signing up and be willing to volunteer for the Mass where his or her vocal part is needed.
  • All members are expected to attend weekly practices. If you can't make a practice, the director should be informed of this the weekend before the practice.
  • All members are expected to dress appropriately for each liturgy.
  • Director is supposed to pull it all together!

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